Thursday 23 May 2013

Octopus a Lagareiro - the sequel.

Decided to purchase an HO scale town square made from card and available from a manufacturer in France called Mirontaine.

I've been an admirer of this piece since I first saw it on the internet about 18 months ago.

It costs less than £5, so presumably it comes as a flat-pack. There's a space behind my ceramic buildings which it would grace beautifully.

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Last night's dinner:

To my surprise, my local supermarket had some fresh octopus on sale. So, eager to establish whether the successful outcome of last month's inaugural cooking of the species had been a fluke or not, I decided to give it another go and bought one.

The preparation is what the Portuguese call "a Lagareiro" except that I don't bother with the potatoes.

Basically, you immerse the octopus in olive oil and white wine (2:1) and place it in a medium oven for approx. an hour,

Then drain it and serve. (Last time I fried it for a couple of minutes before serving so as to brown it up - didn't bother with that step this time.)


Served with samphire.

Another excellent result.

Cost per head: £5.25

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