Saturday 25 May 2013

ROCO Trans Europe Express HO wagons - For Sale!

Way, way, way back I purchased 3 ROCO Trans Europe Express waggons to join on to my existing TEE train. Unfortunately, they were the wrong era. It's taken me until now to put them up for sale on eBay.

Here's the link:

Currently listening to:

Tadd Mullinix who records and performs under the name, Dabrye.

Two/Three is the name of the album.

He's quite a normal looking bloke, actually.

Last night's dinner:

Fish and chips, washed down with Tizer, in the car, whilst looking out onto the Clyde Estuary

Cost per head: £5.50 (excluding Tizer)

Continuing to Read:

It's packed full of brilliantly written descriptions of the psychological knots that British middle class people tie themselves up in. But the novel lacks forward momentum: I find it repetitive.

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