Sunday 12 May 2013

Using self-adhesive adjustable clips to tidy up wires under baseboard

Actually crouched under baseboard and used some of these clips to tidy up the wiring.

At the moment, there are three sets of wires in place under the baseboard, taking power to:
all sections of the track;
to the 4 sets of electric points,
and to the 6 sections of isolating track.

So, as well as clipping wires closely to the baseboard, it was sensible to mark with marker pen which wires were going where: eg TR means power to the track; P3 means power to points no 3; I4 to isolating track on platform 4, and so on.

Actually, it stills look a bit of a mess, but at least the wires don't dangle anymore. I still have half of the wires to clip.

Currently listening to:

Azealia Banks (who I believe is appearing at this year's "T in the Park" - not that I'll be going to that.)

Last night's dinner:

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Cost per head: £3.00

Costs per head for last 7 days:

Sun  £0.00
Mon  £12.50
Tues  £2.25
Wed  £1.25
Thurs  £8.00
Friday £13.00
Saturday £3.00

Average cost per head per night for the past week: £5.71

This compares with an average for the first 10 weeks of this trial of  £5.30

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