Thursday 30 May 2013

La Nausee - alternative translation

Have fitted a flat roof to my latest HO scale ceramic building and it looks better already. I do have a really exciting idea for covering the roof with French newspaper cuttings and adding chimneys similarly decorated. Watch this space.

Obviously, not in its final location.

Currently listening to:

Haydn piano sonatas played by Alfred Brendel.

Several years ago I saw Brendel in London walking around an exhibition of paintings by the turn of the century German expressionist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. I thought about asking him for his autograph but decided not to.

One of my favourite Kirchner paintings.
Last night's dinner:

Soup made from the leftover stock from the other night's poached chicken plus grated carrots, grated potato and basmati rice.

Cost per head: £1.00 - now that's more like it.

Currently reading:

Taking a rest from Iris Murdoch and her gallery of vile characters.

Instead, returned to Sartre's La Nausee. But this time in a rare translation by Lloyd Alexander. I was never comfortable with the translation by Robert Baldick.

However, this edition is on short-term loan from the library so I'll have to make inroads on it immediately. And, indeed did so this afternoon in the garden.

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