Tuesday 7 May 2013

Replacing snap lock connectors with Philips soldered joints

As mentioned a few episodes ago, I'm giving up snap lock connectors for connecting feeder wires to the main power BUS cable - too unreliable. Instead, I'm going to solder the wires in basically a T-formation which some people refer to as a Philips joint.

See earlier episodes for more details. Friday 3rd May 2013 ie 4 days ago.

Anyway, today I started on my first Philips joint.

Pretty straight forwards, actually.

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Aksel Schiotz singing Carl Nielsen

Last night's dinner:

John Dorey, green peppers and carrots with Parmesan
The John Dorey was the remaining half of a fish that had been frozen a few weeks ago.

Cost per head: £12.50

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Wandered down to Glasgow's Byres Road to seek out one of the coffee houses there. Took this book with me since a) it's spiritual and b) it fits into my jacket pocket.

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