Tuesday 28 May 2013

Noch HO scale trees and foliage

An HO scale Ash tree and some skeins of ivy have arrived, both from the German manufacturer, Noch. Unlike my existing HO scale trees, the Noch tree has already lost some of its leaves - in transit, I think.

Noch Ash tree

Currently listening to:

On last Sunday's Desert Island Discs (BBC, Radio 4), the former ballerina, Deborah Bull, chose an Orbital track as one of her 8 choices to take away to a desert island.

Deborah Bull
I was listening to the track "Acid Pants" on the above pictured Orbital album and thought that the guest vocals were very familiar - but who was singing. A quick search on the internet revealed that the quirky voices belonged to those geniuses of pop music, Sparks.

Last night's dinner:

Poached (ie boiled) chicken with whole cabbage, carrots, leak and onions. Served with a cold French sauce called Gribiche.

Sauce, Gribiche

Note the addition of a second chicken leg.
 Cost per head: £4.00

And the average cost per head since 24th Feb is now £5.81

On reflection, I could have used a boiling chicken, but you don't see those so much these days.

Used some leftover Gribiche for lunch with a roll mop herring and some tomatoes.

Still reading:

It is utterly compelling and horrifying.

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