Sunday 23 December 2012

Billy Budd

The kind of thing I have in mind for the background mural.

Musical mixture today:

Had some routine work to do today so decided to dip my toe into Benjamin Britten's operatic oeuvre while doing it.

Started with Billy Budd. Superlative opening bars, immediately drawing the listener into the maritime sound world of Britten.

Verdict: got half way through the 3 CDs  and then had to go somewhere. Very impressive. I'm a convert and would like to see Billy Budd performed live.

Then off to the gym where Aphex Twin and Orbital provided a brilliant energising sound track. Very decent of them to do so.

Orbital - The Middle of Nowhere

Aphex Twin - I care because you do.
Altars continued

Don't usually go to a Sunday morning Mass - prefer the sparer service one finds in the evening. But, did so this morning and the church was, of course, much busier than I'm used to - impressively so. Would have taken a photograph of the altar over the heads of the assembled many but was too shy to.

So, instead here  is a lino-cut I made 13 years ago of morning Mass at St Peter's, Partick, Glasgow.

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