Wednesday 12 December 2012

Ceramics - underglazing completed

In the end, last night I only had time to underglaze my model of the Boulevard Haussmann. It was surprisingly time consuming painting around the inside edges of all the windows. Also, the underglaze is almost immediately mopped up by the highly porous clay and so you have to keep re-loading the brush. Two coats were required.

The underglaze - medium pink.

The p**s artist at work.

Some time before next week's class, these pieces will be fired. Then, I will brush a satin finish glaze over the whole piece and it will be fired again.

Finally, I'll have to assemble it.

Benjamin Britten:

My boss is a big opera fan and he's loaned me what looks like the entire operatic works of Benjamin Britten plus his much vaunted War Requiem.

Last night's dinner:

Hardly a dinner, since I ate it in a rush, standing up - basically tearing off pieces from a carcass of chicken and demolishing the inside of an avocado with a dessert spoon.

The carcass

The avocado

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