Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One Pure Thought.

Nearly finished the mosaic.

Ceramics class tonight:

I'm determined to underglaze the building tonight regardless of whether Pauline the lecturer has remembered to bring the pale rose I want to use. There is a bright lilac colour in the class store and I'm happy to use that.

The justification for colouring this building in a colour which it is not in real life comes from paintings, Fauvist in style, like this one by Auguste Herbin.

Presumably the real buildings are not these colours.

I feel that my building will look great in a pinkish colour even though it is white in real life.

Still to be underglazed.
Last night's dinner:

Roast chicken carrots and potatoes.
One Pure Thought:

More than any other, I find myself singing this song from Hot Chip's 2008 album, Made in the Dark. I love its opening lyrics.

What is it, I don't remember
Made my being so much better
If I can have just one pure thought

The idea of "One pure thought" means what? Would one recognise a  pure thought  if it arrived in one's consciousness?

Could one be convinced that a thought was pure at one moment and then realise its impurity at a later time?

Does one have to be in a Buddhist state of meditational bliss to have such a thought?

Despite my vagueness about all this, the idea of having one pure thought is one I'm hugely sympathetic towards. And yes, if I could have just one  of them I would be very happy indeed. All my thoughts seem compromised and half-baked. Please let me have just one pure thought before I die.

Hot Chip

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