Sunday 2 December 2012

The Attraction of Tango

Mosaic progress:


Overall view.
Hot Chip:

Played squash today and lost in the fifth set, 17-16, having had two match points. But what was really important was that my opponent was a big Hot Chip fan and had been to see them last year.

Currently listening to my collection of Hot Chip tracks on random.

Today's lunch:

It wasn't worth photographing last night's meal which was a forgettable buffet at the Tango Ball. (See below.)

The Attractions of Tango:

Went to the Glasgow winter Tango Ball as part of my Tango studies: pretty well the whole class went and everyone was very nervous and drinking beforehand to get the necessary Dutch courage.

We had no idea what to expect; after all, attending, would be Tango fans from all over Scotland. What should one wear? Would useless people be allowed on the floor? Would we be laughed at?

But this is the thing: the quality of dancing covered a wide spectrum (although rather disappointingly, no cartwheels were on display) and the majority just shuffled around the floor doing whatever step they damn well pleased. That's attraction number 1: as long as you move in an anti-clockwise direction, don't stand on your partner's toes or bump into anyone, you can't really fail.

Attraction number 2 is that there is no dress code. I wore what I wear to work each day minus a tie. One of our class wore his normal Doc Martins. Loads of men wore jeans and a T-shirt. A few couples had dressed up Tango style - see photos below - but they were a tiny minority.

What I hate about formal balls, ceilidhs and Scottish Country Dances is a) the music, b) the fact that you have to do all the steps that everyone else is doing and c) that you have to wear event-specific clothes.

These were the only fancy shoes in evidence.

The chap doing the demonstration wore a pale green suit and gray shoes. I don't like wearing black shoes so again Tango is right up my street.

It was definitely a pale green pin stripe suit.
The only disappointment of the evening was the buffet which was dull and, for some reason, heavily potato based!

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