Wednesday 26 December 2012

Nord Express - Jouef

Spent some time today trying to track down an HO scale version of the Nord Express locomotive discussed in yesterday's blog.

Basically, it is a 232.

There is a fantastic example of the 232 in the Cite du Train museum in Mulhouse, Alsace, which we saw in autumn 2011.

232 U1

But, as far as I can gather, this particular locomotive only plied its trade between Paris and Lille and was not part of the Nord Express fleet. Different livery too, I suspect - see next photo.

Nord Express - 232 s.004
There are two HO scale models of the 232 U1 available - varying hugely in price.

by Fulgurex approx £1,500.00

by Jouef approx £175

I'll keep hunting for the Nord Express version.

Last night's dinner:


In the afternoon, had a massive traditional Christmas dinner round at my niece and her husband's house.

All hands were to the pump - though not mine - and it was a tremendous success.

James Yorkston:

James Yorkston is a Scottish singer songwriter, from Fife, about whom I know nothing, but his name did ring a bell.

Sampled a few of his tracks from iTunes today to see what they were like and, as I suspected, his output is not my scene.

For me, all the significant singer songwriters are from the 60s and 70s. There are a few exceptions from more recent times but none of them tote an acoustic guitar.

However, James Yorkston has written a smashing little book about life on the road and his various tussles with the music industry. My wife got me a copy for Christmas.

Great cover.
Morning Mass at St Paul's, Whiteinch, Glasgow.

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