Thursday 13 December 2012

Stereophonics revisited

Almost finished........

Just the edge to do.

Might tidy up end of platform 2 - not quite right.
Pretty pleased overall.

Ear plugs:
For reasons of Welsh nostalgia, decided to order a ticket to see Stereophonics on Monday evening. Kelly Jones' voice is so Welsh and the fact that the band come from the next village to my father's family has convinced me to go.
I'd regret it if I didn't go.
The ticket cost an arm and a leg from one of these inter-fan market place websites. The site is kosher but faintly immoral since it does freeze out the genuine fan who is not on the internet or who is strapped for cash.
What about the NOISE issue?
Well, a chap who I was playing squash with a few weeks ago and who plays electric bass in a jazz-fusion band said that he always wears ear plugs and that they are most effective.
So, I've ordered a set from the internet which claim to reduce noise levels whilst preserving the integrity of the musical performance.
Two views of Cwmaman.
Those terrace houses are so clear in my memory.

It's a pity this photograph is so tiny but I remember railway halts like this from the 50s and 60s and the platforms made of wooden planks and the smell of coke processing filling the atmosphere.

Last night's dinner:
Root vegetables roasted in the oven and then for the last 20 minutes lay two pieces of hake on top of them.


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