Thursday 27 December 2012

La Vallee Blanche

Histoire de la SNCF:

Had a look through this book in search of info and pictures of the type 232 locomotives which pulled the Nord Express out of Paris and up through northern Europe to Copenhagen in the late 1950s.

The book.
No pictures of said 232 and no obvious references to the Nord Express in the text; but it is written in French so I'll spend some more time looking later. However, it is full of very interesting photographs eg this Renault automoteur on its way from Bordeaux to Lyon.

Last night's dinner:

Cold ham, baked potato, gherkins and tomatoes.
Currently listening to:

Alex Smoke and "Lux"

Really first rate.

La Valle Blanche:

Not keen on French restaurants outside of France - they tend to be far too posh. An exception is Cafe Breizh, in Perth, which is excellent in all respects.

Anyway, tonight we're off to La Valle Blanche in the west end of Glasgow to see what it's like. Someone gave us a voucher for it.

La Vallee Blanche
The interior looks promising.

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