Friday 7 December 2012

Place de la Concorde

Was listening to part of Radio 3's tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte as an influence on classical music; it was fascinating. The obelisk in the Place de la Concorde was mentioned and I realised what a significant symbol a ceramic model of it would make, situated somewhere on my HO scale diorama. And, because the physical dimensions are so easy to get hold of, converting it to HO scale would be a piece of cake.

I wouldn't surround it with the stuff in the actual Place de La Concorde, but simply have it as a focal point for the HO scale cars to tour around.


And the end is in sight for the mosaic.



Black pudding:

Last night's dinner: bream, potatoes and black pudding

Today's lunch: artichokes and black pudding
Vanessa Paradis:  Joe le Taxi

This classic pop song has just come up on random from my iTunes collection.

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