Thursday 6 December 2012


Some more tiles laid:

The day before yesterday.


Avec Jouef.

A real omission from my record/CD/download collection are the Stereophonics. This is ridiculous because not only are they one of the few rock groups that I like, but Kelly Jones must have the best voice in rock. Also, they hail from a village in South Wales only a few miles from my father's home village.

They are coming to Glasgow next week and tickets are still available BUT it would be too noisy and I don't think my hearing would survive the experience.

Anway, I've just downloaded a Best of ... collection AND their latest single "In a Moment". The latter has been played frequently on office radio for several weeks and I must say that I thought it sounded like a cross between Depeche Mode and something else. Quite un-Stereophonical, a real grower and now I find it addictive.

Last night's dinner:

Rib-eye steak and cauliflower.
Glasgow Tango Club:

As part of our final class of the year, we all visited Glasgow's Tango Club which is held in the basement of Blackfriars pub.

Very basic decor, reminded me of a youth club in the 60s. Glasgow based enthusiasts gather here on a Wednesday evening and take to the floor (a very small floor). I did too for two dances, got slightly bored and since I wasn't drinking and had to get up early the following morning, made my excuses and left. But the atmosphere was very convivial. I might go again.

Beryl Cook's 'Tango'

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