Monday 3 December 2012

Cannabis, alcohol, Buddhism and Catholicism

5cm more mosaic

Latest edition of the SNCF Magazine arrived through the post.

Front cover

Back cover showing some intrepid train spotters.

Always full of fascinating photographs eg La Rochelle 1987.

Last night's dinner:

Roast beef, cabbage and potato.
Still can't discipline myself to serve smaller portions.

Human beings tackle their discontentment in different ways. I wish, very briefly, to compare 4 methods as reported to me by various people over the years.

Cannabis smoking: takes the edge of things whilst leaving one in  control of the situation and with sharpened cognitive powers. Pretty sociable but with no obvious aesthetic attraction.

Alcohol: takes the edge of things but deprives one of self-control and probably diminishes one's mental powers. (However, I have heard some say that a moderate amount of alcohol actually heightens their mental powers). Sociable and with many aesthetic qualities eg the aroma of wine.

Buddhism: takes the edge of things, increases self control and has the advantage of not relying on an outside agency to produce these results. The power comes from within oneself. Sounds brilliant but it's hardly an aesthetically satisfying pursuit.

Catholicism: often sharpens the edge of things! Depends on an outside agency, God. Eschews the power of oneself to help oneself. Aesthetically very pleasing - often linked with alcohol consumption. Socially very powerful.

French Model Railways: provides new and irritating edges; control is associated with being 'big and fat and the wearing of a bowler hat', utterly unsociable, expensive and time-consuming, but does have redeeming aesthetic qualities.

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