Tuesday 25 December 2012

Nord Express

Excellent Christmas presents: a selection.

Unfortunately, one of the presents has enormous financial implications.

From the very beginning of my French model railway project, I have enjoyed buying things for it much more than making things for it. In fact, the first thing I did was to go to France and buy rolling stock. The second thing was to buy more of the stuff online.

I was determined to have local suburban services AND long haul passenger expresses. In particular, I liked the idea of running a Trans Europe Express out of my Gare du Nord. And indeed I purchased a TEE by the Austrian model maker, ROCO.

But now, as a result of leafing through "French Railways of Today" (1958), I realise what my layout most obviously needs is a model version of the Nord Express. After all, my station is based on the Gare du Nord

The highly tempting photo of the Nord Express.
 It ran from Paris, through Germany, to Copenhagen - exactly the kind of vibe I'm looking for.

But, no doubt it will cost an arm and a leg to get hold of.

Perhaps I should adopt the posture of those British football club managers who portentously announce, just before the transfer window opens, that supporters must realise the economic realities that face their club; only after money is raised by selling some members of the current squad, can any new blood be brought into the team.

Maybe the ROCO TEE should be sold. I never really liked it in the first place. It was the name I liked "Trans Europe Express".

Actually, when I look at these photos again, it seems quite attractive.


Last night's dinner:

Usual toppings of artichokes, green olives and anchovies. Washed down with coca-cola.

I've always loved Coke.


  1. 2 years late, but have you heard Kraftwerks' Trans Europe Express? Great photos of Paris, so evocative.

    1. Certainly have heard it! Cheers. Those black and white photos are wonderful. Hundreds more on the web to dip into.