Tuesday 30 April 2013

Wiring up the platform lights: step 2.

It could be a bit of a pest crouching underneath the baseboard to install the wiring for the platform lights so I intend setting up as much as can be done on top and then transferring the whole wiring set up underneath, ready made, so to speak.

The red and black cables will carry 12volts. At intervals, a thinner positive and a negative wire will come from the red and black cables and fee each lamppost. (See diagram above.)

These feeder wires will connect to the main cables by the use of snap lock connectors - episodes of this blog from January 2012 illustrate how these connectors work.

Close up of the snap lock connectors

Where my hand is, the on/off switch will be installed to control the lights
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Last night's dinner:

Straight from the freezer, a squid and some supermarket and pre-packed scallops on a bed of lettuce.

Cost per head: probably £6.00

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William Johnston is a scholar whose writings have explored the relationship between Buddhism and Christianity at the level of meditation.

St Paul's, Whiteinch

Attended Mass here this morning.

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