Monday 5 August 2013

Another idea for making HO scale buildings

Arrived in Norfolk and saw these simple wooden semi-relief houses in a craft shop.

Basically, a block of wood with a sheet of thin wood for the roof and some simple wooden chimneys, painted in emulsion.

Didn't buy any because they do not depict French building styles, but clearly the principle could be adapted to the needs of my French layout.

Currently listening to:

I bought this CD about 15 years ago from Fopp in Byres Road, Glasgow. When I took the cover up to the counter to pay for it, the boy behind the counter said, "Good choice."

Last night's dinner:

Consumed in a hotel restaurant in Hull. The chef came from Moldova.

Chicken livers.

Mushroom risotto
 And the breakfast this morning was absolutely brilliant.

The little black thing was black pudding.
Currently reading:

Although I loved these diaries first time around, I'm finding the day-after-day, entry-after-entry carping, mocking, self-pitying and generally negative observations of Kenneth William's rather unattractive.

I do feel sorry for him in his situation but my mood is too optimistic these days to want to wallow in it with him.


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