Thursday 1 August 2013

HO scale card model - so far so good

Began the challenging task of cutting out and etching the folds in the enlarged version of the Mirontaine card town square.

To recap: Mirontaine of Bordeaux manufacture a fold up card model of a French town square which is smaller than HO scale. So, I got a reprographics firm to enlarge it by a factor of 1.7.

The original model sitting on a sheet of the HO scale enlarged version

Use a stylus rather than a knife to etch the folds

The knife is used to cut out the shapes.

Only tackled one section  today - the smaller original is in my hand.

Ready to assemble.

A telling comparison - looks more than a factor of 1.7 was involved.

Now it can sit next to the other HO scale buildings.
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Veteran Radio 1 DJ, Annie Nightingale
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Lasagne at my sister's - forgot to take photograph.

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With nothing else available to read, I returned (with confidence) to these peerless diaries.

A friend of mine, who hadn't read the diaries, said that Kenneth Williams had always struck him as having been, "bitter as fuck". That pretty accurately sums up the diaries.


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