Sunday 11 August 2013

Growing Old

Moving back to the idea of placing church in the back streets of the town.


Will definitely add some kind of structure to the back of the church's fa├žade.

Currently listening to:

The very soothing tones of:

Although, not on vinyl - but off good old iTunes.

Last night's dinner:

Grey mullet, macaroni, aubergine and tomato.

But yet again forgot to take a photograph - must be getting old.

Finished reading:

And speaking of 'growing old', came across a great quote from John Gielgud in this book which I have just finished reading:

Referring to the fact that time seems to go more quickly as one grows older, Gielgud had said that he "seemed to be having breakfast every ten minutes."


For the last few months I've been mulling over a certain philosophical issue and now, having put off doing so for 40 years, feel I'll have to take this book out the library!

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