Sunday 4 August 2013

Boards of Canada

Some more shots of the latest diorama/townscape.

Overall, pretty pleased, but still have some fiddling about to do.

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The title track off the Boards of Canada EP, "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country".

Extracted from Wikipedia.

"They have cited several acts that have influenced their work including Joni Mitchell, The Incredible String Band ("we have all the String Band records […] our rural sensibilities are similar"), The Beatles ("[they] really became enthralling to us through their psychedelism"), and My Bloody Valentine ("even if we don't sound like them, there's a connection in terms of the approach to music")."


"Boards of Canada's music is reminiscent of the warm, analogue sounds of 1970s media and contains themes of childhood, nostalgia and the natural world. Mike and Marcus have mentioned the documentary films of the National Film Board of Canada, from which the group's name is derived, as a source of inspiration."

Boards of Canada
Last night's dinner:

My sister and family visited so it was a massive selection of such things as steak pie and roast chicken.

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