Sunday 25 August 2013

HO Scale Street Lights

Was passing a model shop in Glasgow a couple of days ago and went in for a browse. I felt compelled to buy something and thought these globe-style street lights would be very appropriate for the concourse of the Gare du Nord station.

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Last night's dinner:

Haddock and vegetable gratin

A dollop on the plate.

Put a lot of effort into this dish: cheese sauce, eggs, blended courgettes/carrots/potatoes and pieces of haddock.

The result was totally without taste.

Still reading:

For the last few days I've also been reading Ryle's "The Concept of Mind"; one page at a time. At the end of each page I've stopped and written a summary of that page. This division into pages is obviously arbitrary but I need some kind of device to divert me from  reading the book like a novel  ie glossing over the text and thus duping myself into thinking that I am fully understanding the ideas presented when in fact my grasp of them is flimsy. I hope that this effort will be good preparation for my Philosophy classes which begin towards the end of September.


Despite my practising the bongos for about 20 minutes each day and doing so with increasing physical exertion, there have been no obvious deleterious effects on the state of my hands or wrists.

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