Wednesday 7 August 2013

HO cf OO Scale

HO vs OO scale

Although HO scale and OO scale use the same gauge of railway track, there is quite a visually detectable difference between them which is frustrating when it comes to purchasing scenic items such as road vehicles and figures.

HO scale is half the size of O scale. ie it is 1/87 versus the 1/43 of O scale.

But, OO scale, which is the standard British size for model railways is 1/76. In other words OO scale figures and vehicles are bigger than those for HO scale.

Like most Continental and American model railways, my French layout is HO scale. So, visiting two model railway shops in Norfolk today was a disappointing experience. I'd hoped to make a little holiday purchase, as a souvenir, and perhaps buy a little car or some plastic figures but they are all OO scale and thus simply too big for my layout.

I can't find a picture comparing HO scale and OO scale figures/vehicles, but here are a pair of carriages which illustrate the difference.

OO scale on lhs - HO scale on rhs.
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