Wednesday 28 August 2013

Tram Wire Rosettes

Around the city of Glasgow, if you cast your eyes upwards, you will see the occasional tram wire rosette.

Here are some examples:

They are leftovers from the late 19th and early 20th century when Glasgow had quite a network of trams. These iron hooks supported the overhead wires for the trams.

One of my favourite 20th Century painters was Herbert Whone who, until 1955 was the Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Orchestra which was based in Glasgow. Early in the morning, before his musical duties began, he would carry his easel and paints around inner city Glasgow which was in a state of transition with old tenements being pulled down all over the place.

Here are two of his many paintings of the Glasgow trams.

Anyway, to get back to the rosettes, I'm going to use HO scale versions to hold up the lattice supporting my overhead street lights.

A reminder of the lattice - the rosettes will be instead of the purple hooks.
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I dipped into this today. A collection of extremely short stories - some only half a page in length. Some are really affecting - little jewels; others are less successful, in my opinion.


Rather than read and summarise this book, one page at a time, which is too arbitrary a sub-division (but was my original intention to make the book manageable), I'm tackling it one paragraph at a time. Presumably, the author uses paragraphs to mirror some form of internal organisation of ideas.


Second bongo lesson tonight. I have been practising both striking technique and rhythm patterns - approx 20 minutes per day.

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