Thursday 22 August 2013

Left-handed tooth-brushing.

I'm contemplating adding, fairly soon, the street lights to the layout.

There will be lamp posts dotted around the place, but I quite fancy suspended street lights as well, with their attendant crude black cabling on show like over-head tram wires - all adds to that late 50s sooty city atmosphere.

A couple of rather poor (piss)-artist's impressions follow.

Currently listening to:

Massive amount of Welsh male voice choral pieces - very comforting. Apparently the husband of Mary Robinson the former-President of the Irish Republic is a huge fan of Welsh male voice choirs and she chose one singing as one of her 8 discs to take on the mythical BBC Desert Island Discs.

Cwmbach Male Voice Choir in the 30s.
My grandfather is somewhere in the front row.

Last night's dinner:

Fish cakes made by Fantoosh, Great Western, Glasgow plus courgettes and a tomato.

Still reading:


Survived last night's Bongo lesson. Apparently I need to practise striking the edge of the skin which makes a more tuneful sound than striking the centre. But that's actually quite hard to do - in both senses of the word "hard."

However, the big discovery of the night was that my left hand is significantly weaker and less skillful than my right.

Apparently, this is not unusual and the tutor said that her own tutor had recommended that she start brushing her teeth with her left hand to develop that side of things.

So, for the last 24 hours I've been doing just that - never had such clean teeth. I've also been trying to keep my right hand in my pocket when executing other everyday activities.

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