Tuesday 27 August 2013

Paris Night Life - Neon Signs

Had a bit of a brainwave yesterday (or was it a stroke?). Instead of installing overhead street lights in two streets, in one of the streets there are going to be a host of neon signs (using LED technology) to suggest a busy night life.

Firstly, some pictures of such Parisian streets.

The two streets under discussion:

Where I intend placing these neon signs.

The other street will still have the overhead lights, as planned.

Currently listening to:

For some reason, as I cycled along the canal towpath that winds around the northern side of the city of Glasgow, I repeatedly, indeed, almost continually hummed a single song by Oasis. I didn't even hum a selection of their songs. And, it's not even my favourite Oasis song. And, I don't know any of the words!

Namely, "Supersonic" from their debut album, "Definitely Maybe".

Last night's dinner:

Fish and chips

Whilst sitting in the car at Gourock (on the River Clyde)

Todays's lunch:

Roll mop herring and salad.


Currently re-reading:

In other words, finally finished Therapy by David Lodge.



When cycling along the canal towpath this afternoon was surprised (and pleased) to see a pair of policemen on what looked like motocross motorbikes - exactly like the one in the picture above.

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