Thursday 8 August 2013

Fantasy Shopping

Unable to do anything on my layout, I spent a pleasant half hour window shopping on the internet. In particular, I was looking for HO scale models of the Budd electric suburban trains that were recently withdrawn from service on the North Paris routes after 50 odd years of service - apparently now operating in Romania.
Came across 2 examples for sale on eBay - one sold, the other still available. Will think about it.

Anyway, I was thinking for a term which would describe such idle browsing and supposed that "fantasy shopping" might be appropriate.
However, when I looked up the term "fantasy shopping" in the so called Urban Dictionary, I was met with this horrible definition.
fantasy shopping
verb. 1. When you go through a store and fill up a cart and leave it in a random spot in the store.
2. When you go online to a site like Amazon or other retail stores and fill up a cart and never plan on buying.
 Joe- Hey man guess what we did yesterday.
You- What?
Joe- We went fantasy shopping at Safeway and the whole store was pissed off. I think we ended up with 3 carts full, one even had milk in it.
What's the world coming to?
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Smoked salmon stuffed with crayfish

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A very interesting book but quite difficult to read at times because of all the treble barrelled names of the author's friends and relatives eg

"Before the war, his half-brother - my half-uncle - Werner von Alvensleben had been at Hertford College; among the friends he made there had been Adam Trott zu Solz, a diplomat who was part of Count Claus von Stauffenberg's plot to assassinate Hitler...." p 32.

Also, the account of his work in untangling the Rolling Stones from their rotten recording contracts with Allen Klein, I found confusingly written.

However, he seems a nice chap and I'm enjoying the book.


Bongo update:

I didn't expect to find any bongos in Wells-next-the-Sea and I didn't.

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