Wednesday 14 August 2013

Making HO scale pavements

I've not been sure how to depict pavements on the layout. One possibility would have been to simply paint a strip of colour along the edge of each building. There would have been no sense of depth, of course, but that might not have mattered on such a small scale.

Decided today to run strip of 2mm card around one of the buildings to see what it looked like. 2mm times 87 (HO scale being 1/87) equals 17.4 cm in real life which I suspect is a typical depth for a kerb at the road side.

Plain white card seemed too stark.

So, pencilled in some markings suggesting kerb stones and pavement slabs.

Might need to add some shading to some of the slabs to break the unrelenting whiteness.

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In fact, leftovers from previous night.

2 chicken legs, gravy, broccoli and potatoes
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I must say, the opening pages are written in the most lucid prose.


Had a steroid injection into my right knee a couple of weeks ago - the beneficial effects are really kicking in now. Supposed to last for three months. Here's hoping.

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