Tuesday 20 August 2013

Buddha Bar - the CD series

Tried out a pavement beneath the pink building.

The greater width of the pavement is so as to accommodate tables and chairs for a cafe/restaurant depiction. Nevertheless, I think the pavement should be trimmed at the front - like so.

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The double CD, Buddha Bar vol XIV.

Last night, we were in an Indian restaurant in Lenzie, north of Glasgow, and as soon as we sat down I was 100% concentrating on the Muzak. It was brilliant lounge music with an Indian twist. You frequently hear modern electronic dance music with such a  twist in Indian restaurants, especially Bangra music. But this was different. This was similar to the lounge music pumped out by the French internet radio station "HotMix Radio" to which I'm so partial.

It was so good I asked the restaurant manager what it was and he wrote the name down on a slip of white paper - "Buddha Bar".

I presumed it was some kind of  Muzac available for restaurants only. But he said, no, it was a series of commercially available CDs. He thought we were listening to vol 6, but he wasn't sure and I can't remember what he said.

Further research when I got home confirmed that there are at least 14 volumes of the CDs. I sampled quite a few of them and read lots of reviews. It seems that they emanate from Paris, have been on the go for several years, invite guest DJs to select the music on the CDs and spread their net all-over for different performers and composers -they have a world-wide following.

Some reviewers are totally loyal and fixated on the early volumes in the series and eschew the later editions as derivative pap. Others like the more recent volumes too.

Having sampled quite a few volumes, I went for the 2012 volume 14. Absolutely brilliant.


Last night's dinner:

A most acceptable chicken curry in said restaurant.

Rasoi Indian restaurant, Lenzie.

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Apparently, Kevlar, the material used in body armour is now available as a lining in bicycle tyres to reduce the likelihood of a puncture.

And they're not that expensive.

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