Monday 26 August 2013

Waddell's Models was a Doddle.

Cycled into the city centre to visit Waddell's Models - a round trip of about 9 miles - an absolute doddle. I purchased a pack of  brass rods and and some plastic rods in order to build the lattice that will support the overhead street lighting on the layout.

The lattice - see blog of a few days ago.
Currently listening to:

Bruckner's 8th Symphony on BBC Radio 3 iPlayer.

Anton Bruckner
Apparently, Bruckner didn't begin work on this monster symphony until he was almost 60.

Last night's dinner:

Lamb steak with a mushroom risotto - the mushrooms were of the dried variety that one soaks beforehand for 30 minutes in a mixture of milk and warm water. Sprinkled over it was Parmesan and cut

Currently still continuing to read:


I have read all of David Lodge's novels except one:

Apparently it is based on the author's own loss of hearing. But I found it unbearably accurate and far too close to the bone and stopped reading it after 3 pages.

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