Friday 30 August 2013

HO Scale Lighting (infrastructure)

Super-glued my FIMO wall rosettes (see recent blogs) into position on the two facing walls.

The street on the far right is where overhead street lights are to be installed.

The lattice which will support the lights
An example of a  FIMO rosette which will support the lattice on the walls.
Supergluing a rosette to the first wall.

4 rosettes supporting a dummy rod.

4 more rosettes supporting a dummy rod on the opposite wall.

Slung a light across the street to illustrate the purpose of the rods.
The lattice will have brass - electrically conducting - rods running along the wall instead of those white plastic rods in the photographs. Will probably paint the FIMO rosettes black.

See Miscellany below for more on Rosettes.

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Hoagy Carmichael

Last night's dinner:

An excellent curry at the Green Chilli in Glasgow.

Outstanding vegetable pakora

House chicken curry - very poor photograph, I'm afraid.

From the mezzanine level window of the Green Chilli, one could see clearly across the road two pairs of the iron wall rosettes used in the past to support the old overhead tram wires. I'm seeing these things everywhere now.

That's the University in the background.

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