Saturday 24 August 2013

Wiring HO Scale Street Lights - part 1.

The aim is to rig up 3 overhead street lights between the buildings. Here is one such light held up with blu tac.

But, it will be a fairly complicated procedure to rig up the lights so that they are easy to install and re-install if any of the bulbs need to be replaced.

Drew a plan of a kind of lattice that will support the lights and resistors and also supply 12 volts of power.

The amber coloured rods represent copper or brass tubes that will bring power to the lights. The vertical rods will drill down into and under the baseboard where they will connect with either the +ve or the -ve of the power supply. I'll disguise these uprights as roan pipes.

Each upright will be soldered to a horizontal rod which will run along the wall and be supported thereon by hooks (purple in the diagram). The black cross members will be plastic - non-conducting - rods and will be glued to the horizontal amber conducting rods to form a rigid lattice. The lattice will be removable to allow bulbs to be changed. (I have an idea that would allow the uprights to be lifted out of the baseboard.)

The red wires of the bulbs will be soldered to the horizontal amber rods. The blue shapes are the resistors required to prevent the bulbs from blowing prematurely.

That's the plan, anyway.

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