Tuesday 29 May 2012

9 volt power for Tortoise Points

Although Tortoise points motors can take 12 volts, they apparently work just as well off 9 volts. In fact, some people advocate the use of 9 volts since the points change more slowly and thus more realistically.

In any case, I don't have a 12 volt source of power at present, but I have had this 9 volt battery for some time.

Today, I connected the numerous wires from the DPDT switches to the battery by first soldering the wires into 2 batches of + ve and - ve respectively, inserting them into two apertures of a 60 amp choc block and thence to the battery via a pair of crocodile clips.

Karol Szymanowski (1882 –  1937)  Polish composer and pianist.

At present listening to his very cooling and placating Piano Sonata No 3 played by a pianist I have never heard of, Roland Pontinen.

Last night's dinner:

Roast gammon accompanied by cauliflower cheese sauce and washed down with Fleurie. When we have drunk the Gamay grape in France, it has often been with ham. So for sentimental, as opposed to gastronomical, reasons did the same last night.

Spiritual experience:

I've never had a spiritual experience other than that satisfaction (or perhaps it is relief) I get when receiving Communion.

My father, who was very much a practising Christian - he and my mother really did live out Christian lives - said that he had never had a spiritual experience and, what's more,  had never felt the need for one.

Nevertheless, when St Faustina writes in her diary,

"From early morning, my spirit was immersed in God. His presence pervaded my whole being."

I find myself wondering what that experience would be like.

PS I remember in an earlier blog claiming that ballasting gave me a spiritual experience!

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