Friday 25 May 2012

Ranking Trevor

Just received a beautiful little HO scale ie 1/87 scale BMW 327 made by German manufacturer, Busch.

Built by BMW between 1937 and 1941, here is a picture of the real thing as a Cabriolet.

My Busch model.

And alongside my Jouef Simca Aronde

Ranking Trevor:

In Fine Style

Unfortunately, this album is available in neither CD nor download. That's very disappointing because I wanted to play it from my iPod.

Recorded by Virgin Records in 1978, it has many reggae luminaries playing on it: including Sly and Robbie and also Ansell Collins. Remember Dave and Ansell Collins of Double Barrel and Monkey Spanner fame.

Last Night's Dinner:

Once more partaken of in the back garden - another ridiculously warm Glasgow evening.

Chicken thighs, broccoli and 2 poached eggs.

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