Thursday 10 May 2012

Pinning down some track

Too tired to do much but did pin down some of the track this late afternoon:

I've encircled the section that has now been pinned down.

And numbered the tools used.

1) pin vice drill; 2) tracksetta to ensure that the tracks are straight where they are meant to be straight: 3) packet of track pins; 4) pliers that for me have doubled as a hammer!

Using the tracksetta whilst drilling a hole nearby.

Checking for clearance

I used two carriages a) to check for clearance ie checking that the carriages didn't foul the corner or edge of the platform, and b) to check that the curvature of the track was not too sharp.

Boards of Canada:

It's gratifying to know how many significant electronic bands are Scottish.

Boards of Canada are two brothers from Edinburgh.

Today I have been listening to their bleak soundscape "Trans Canada Highway" from 2006. I must explore their earlier stuff.

They remind me of Deepchord presents: Echospace. - equally bleak and tundra-evoking.

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