Thursday 31 May 2012

Chateau Musar

Buckled down and soldered the connecting wires from the DPDT switches to the 4 sockets which attach to the Tortoise points motors. Also, tested the wiring, and all 4 switches do indeed successfully operate one of the motors which I connected to each of the sockets in turn.

The sockets are green in this picture and  eventually will each plug into a Points motor.

King Tubby was again the music of choice yesterday. It is primeval beat music.

Last night's dinner:

Steak, spinach and mushrooms in a tomato sauce washed down by decanted Chateau Musar.

For 30 years I have collected wine labels and stuck them on the walls of the corridor going into our kitchen. (More difficult to remove them these days for some reason - different glue, perhaps.)

Two earlier examples of Chateau Musar.

As you probably know, Chateau Musar is a wine from the  Lebanon.

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