Sunday 13 May 2012

Pinning More Track

Pulled oneself together and laid and then pinned track and associated sets of points for platforms 3 and 4.

Stephane Deneve:

Can't say I thought much of the musical content of last night's farewell concert from Stephane Deneve - and I don't like the acoustics of  Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall - but as an event it was spectacular.

By all accounts, Deneve has made a huge and favourable impression on the classical music life of Glasgow. There was sheer adoration and gratitude from the audience to him last night -  my hands were sore clapping. He came on in a kilt after the interval and it also emerged that although he is moving to a post in Stuttgart, he and his family will continue to live in Glasgow.

He seems genuinely to love Glasgow and Scotland.

When I drove a taxi around Glasgow for a year, I was always surprised at how many foreign passengers (professionals and students) said  how much they loved living in Glasgow.

From my mobile phone camera, yet another presentation to Deneve at his farewell concert.

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