Saturday 5 May 2012

Tortoise Points Motor

Prepared the baseboard to accept 4 Tortoise points motors - one beneath each set of points.

Basically, one drills a hole through the board exactly underneath the switching mechanism of the points.

That's a photo off the web. I decided to drill a larger hole to accommodate any adjustments that might be necessary later.

1.6cm diameter drill bit.

Moved the points to one side.

Le hole.

Perfect, the mechanism is right above the hole.
Next stage is to nail the track down - have decided to go with the track pin method.

Today's listening has been a mixture:

1) a long extract on Radio 3 from an opera based on Don Quixote. The presenter used yet another pronunciation of Don Quixote - that's at least three that I've heard used, and all delivered with equal authority. I must ask my Spanish friend how he pronounces it.

2) More Venetian Snares: Rossz csillag alatt sz├╝letett

A 2005 album based on his visit to Hungary. I wish my visit to Hungary (probably about that time) had inspired me to do something. Well, I did enjoy it and would go back.

3) Sandy Wright:

He is highly esteemed by his fellow Scottish singer/songwriters.

My CD is a set of cover versions of his songs by a most diverse collection of artists.

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