Friday 11 May 2012

Pinning down HO track

Pinned down the remainder of the track for platforms 1 and 2.

The gap to be filled.

The same gap.

My practice now is to remove the last two sleepers at the end of any piece of a track that is to be joined to another piece, in order to FULLY accommodate the fishplates ie track connectors. The unsightly gap is then filled in afterwards by slipping those same sleepers back UNDERNEATH the fishplates. See below.

Filling in the gap.

The two new pieces of flexitrack have to be cut to size using the specialised track cutters that I criticised in a previous blog. See tomorrow's blog for a retraction of that criticism, entitled "My wife was right: I am the stupidest person in the world."

The track laid.

Botchit Breaks 2:

This afternoon's listening:

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