Wednesday 16 May 2012

Schubert: Moments Musicaux No 2

The track has all been pinned down and now, exploiting the hinged facility of the baseboard, I can begin the task of installing the wiring underneath.

Schubert's Moments Musicaux No2

Or, 6 minutes of heaven on the piano.

I've already got three different recordings of this piece but decided to download another 9 to compare technique, interpretation etc.

What's interesting is the variation in pace. The quickest is 5 minutes 35 seconds; the longest is 7 minutes 18 seconds. I've included them all in a single playlist on iTunes for my convenience.

5m 35s   Melvyn Tan, on the piano forte.

5m 41s  Wilhelm Kempff born 1895

6m 0s  Maria Joao Pires - Portuguese

6m 11s   Edwin Fischer, Swiss, born 1886

6m 21s  Imogen Cooper, English

6m 22s   Radu Lupu, Romanian

6m 25s   Andras Schiff, Hungarian

6m 29s  Alfred Brendel

6m 30s   Artur Schnabel,  Austrian, born 1882

6m 38s  Clifford Curzon, English, recorded in 1937

7m 17s Claudio Arrau, Chilean

7m 18s, Mitsuko Uchida, nutcase

Last Night's Dinner:

Fish and Chips at Ghiloni's, Kirkintilloch, washed down with Vimto.

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