Saturday 26 May 2012

Poached Eggs

Achieved two small tasks today:

1) screwed down the control plinth for changing the points.

2) Got the practice layout down from storage so that I can remind myself how to wire up these points and switches.

The Beatles' White Album:

When push comes to shove, probably my favourite Beatles LP. I seem to be more in tune with the lyrics therein.

What a great record "label" Apple was with its outer and inner core.

St Philip Neri:

Today is the feast day of St Philip Neri, born in Florence; 1515 to 1595.

According to Wikipedia, "St. Philip possessed a playful humour, combined with a shrewd wit. He considered a cheerful temper to be more Christian than a melancholy one, and carried this spirit into his whole life:
"A joyful heart is more easily made perfect than a downcast one." "
I suspect that might be true.

Last night's dinner:

More poached eggs.

Boiled rice, artichokes and a poached egg. (Although it could be a squid from this angle.)


  1. We had a nice meal had Fanny Trollopes in Argyll Street today, walked in Kelvingrovepark first which was mobbed, all enjoying the sunshine.

  2. Went round to Scott and Jacqui's for dinner.