Monday 28 May 2012

Heat-shrink - HO scale

When one has a plethora of soldered wires loosely and chaotically clustered together beneath one's baseboard, one is advised to cover the bare soldered ends with heat-shrink. If a pair of bare metal ends were to touch then a short-circuit would occur and blow (ie destroy) the DCC microchip in the locomotives.

Heat-shrink is basically rubber tubing which one cuts to size and slips over any bare wire. One then applies a hairdryer and after a few minutes the heat-shrink melts and forms a permanent insulation over the wires.

Aforementioned plethora.

Slipping on the heat-shrink

Cut to size

Applying heat

Tightly bonded and insulated.
Stevie Wonder:

From his heyday.

Songs in the Key of Life.

A magnificent album from 1976.

Last night's dinner:

Cod and fried potatoes.

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