Wednesday 23 May 2012

Plywood baseboards

Next task was to drill 4 holes through baseboard to accommodate the 4 switches which will control the 4 sets of points.

I had already installed a switch on my practice board some months ago and that had been easy enough.

View from under board.

A wide start to the hole to accommodate the body of the switch and a narrow hole for the toggle.
Drill bit for wide part of hole.
Unfortunately, that 3/4 inch drill bit could not handle plywood. (The practice board in the pictures above was of some other composition).

You will see 5 holes in the pictures below - the  drill went right through the board at one point. The result is a mess which I will have to repair and re-tackle.

Paul Simon:

Last night's dinner:

Dover sole from M & S, leftover fried-up potatoes mixed in with a bit of a courgette and half a tomato left over from sandwiches. Venue: back garden. Really nice weather here in Glasgow.

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