Saturday 18 August 2012

Intercessionary Prayers: part 1.

Significant steps forward on the planning of diorama front; (similar to the Russian front but not as chilly).

Reminder of baseboard as it currently is:

New plan (can't bring myself to call it an artist's impression in case the artist gets offended):

If one was to look down the hidden street - see arrow A - then this is the kind of view I hope will be seen with the church looming at the bottom.

Using this photo as a guide, I reckon that the street should be wide enough to include two lanes of 1950s type cars plus two trottoirs (or pavements as I was calling them half an hour ago) of  approx a car's width each.

So, using my fleet of HO cars,  I set out a situation to establish what this width will be in HO scale. It's approx 10cm.

Very pleased with this investigation.

Intercessionary prayers:

I indulge in these more or less continuously throughout the day - no wonder I hardly get any work done.

In other words, on a frequent basis, I implore God to intercede on my behalf or much more frequently - to be fair - on behalf of others.

But most Christian churches take the position that God will not grant our prayers if we do not ask for what he approves of.


"Oh Lord, we beseech Thee,
Mercifully to  receive the prayers of Thy people who call upon Thee,
And grant that they may both perceive and know what things they ought to do,
And have the grace and power faithfully to fulfil the same.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord .


"Let thy merciful ears, O Lord,
Be open to the prayers of Thy humble servants;
And that they may obtain their petitions
Make them to ask such things as shall please thee;
through Jesus Christ out Lord.

I'll return to this issue tomorrow - God willing!
Last night's dinner:

Supermarket tin of chicken curry and boiled rice washed down with pint of milk.

Ate it with such gusto that I forgot to take a photograph of it - so, instead, took a photograph of the chair I always sit on when eating dinner.

Made in France, actually.
Teenage Fanclub:

If one wants melodic guitar music with a steady beat and harmonious vocals then these Scottish chaps from the 1990s are worth investigating.

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