Tuesday 21 August 2012

Intercessionary Prayers part 4

Faller Car system cont.

How on earth can a motor and a re-chargeable battery fit inside an HO scale model car?


Will have to find out more about this system.

In the mean time here are some pictures of a Faller HO car.

And a layout:

Intercessionary prayer:

I have found the analysis of how I pray intercessionarally (the spell checker will go mad over that one) illuminating . (Could be a new form of re-newable energy!)

It has highlighted my use of it on a case-by-case or incident-by-incident basis.

A typical case would be me wandering down the street, something happens, I need to react to it in a Christian fashion and so I quickly pray to God to help me do just that:

"Please God, guide me in how I should deal with this situation!"

"Please give me the wherewithal to carry out that guidance."

"And, please help me to do that with good grace."

Clearly, events can move pretty quickly sometimes - would I always have time (or even remember) to carry out these three  prayers?

Would it not be better that my prayer was  a request for God to give me a Christian disposition so that I am automatically primed to behave according to these three injunctions whenever and wherever the need crops up.

Perhaps, each morning I could make such prayer to act in a Christian fashion for the duration of the day.

Or maybe at the beginning of each month, or  year or decade????????


Last night's dinner:

Forgot to photograph it. Getting lax.  Why?

Last night's concert:

Bruckner's 9th

Usher Hall, Edinburgh with the Orchestre des Champs-Elysées, under the baton of Philippe Herreweghe.

The fact that this performance was on period instruments did not detract from the power of the piece, at least not for me. Any other effects of using those instruments were too subtle for me to detect, I'm afraid.

In terms of appearance, the instruments looked of an earlier age - kind of crude and basic looking.

But what did distract from the performance for me was the dishevelled appearance of the orchestra and the fact that at the start of both halves, the conductor kept everybody waiting for a good 2 or 3 minutes.

Last night's performance.

The concert has whetted my appetite for a campaign to get to know all Bruckner's symphonies. I'm only familiar with the 4th and the 8th.

They do all sound the same, but I suspect that when one is familiar with the entire corpus then one will apprehend them as constituting a single monster work.

Bruckner has always evoked monumentality, gravitas and majesty.

Consider this picture.

Even the name, Anton Bruckner.

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