Friday 17 August 2012


Things French:

It never ceases to amaze me that whichever region you travel to in France, every small and ostensibly insignificant village or town  has one perhaps even two patisseries ie shops which specialise in selling cakes and tarts and mouses and desserts.

They are characterised by wares as seen in the photos below but more noticeably, I think, by fine manners and patience in the staff and beautiful packaging. No matter how small the order - it could be just a single jam tart - one is given it in a beautiful box tied with a little ribbon. One is given the kind of service I would expect in a high class jewellers.

A typical box unique to that particular establishment

A couple of typical looking establishments.

Last night's dinner:

Artichokes and spinach on rice washed down with a pint of milk.

Today's listening:

The Beatles: Abbey Road

And of course this iconic album cover has spawned numerous pastiches.

Yes, it's the iron lady.
And even when the manipulation travels some distance from the original, one still recognises the reference.

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