Friday 24 August 2012

Town planning

Couldn't really be bothered doing anything to the layout - mentally exhausted. But one good thing about doing this daily blog is that it puts pressure on one to do something to the layout so that one has something to report.

So did a little on the town planning front and folded a few sheets of thick paper to indicate where some of the buildings will go.

Quite difficult to photograph pure white paper shapes so hope the next shot with a dark sheet of card in behind the buildings will help delineate them.

When finished, these additional buildings won't be as tall as these cut-outs. In that sense, this has been a useful little exercise.

Last night's dinner:

A pizza which I forgot to photograph.

Radio 3: Choral Evensong from Edington Priory, Wiltshire.

Wasn't terribly sure where Wiltshire was, so downloaded map below.

Wiltshire in blue.

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