Thursday 9 August 2012

Ranking Trevor

After all the excitement of yesterday's dichotomy-busting, applied myself to the boring (literally) task of drilling holes down through the baseboard and into the tops of the supporting legs.

Very maturely, I first of all used a counter-sinking attachment on the drill so that the heads of the screws would not protrude above the baseboard.

Ranking Trevor:

In an earlier blog I wrote about the reggae singer, Ranking Trevor, and what a pity it was that his fantastic album, "In Fine Style", from 1978 was not available either on CD or download.

Since then I have tried to find a contact address for Virgin Records to ask them to re-release the album - but unfortunately failed to find one.

Sad news. I read on the BBC website today that he was killed yesterday by a motorbike in Jamaica. Apparently, he is survived by his mother, 8 siblings and, wait for it, 15 children!

Perhaps, now the album will become more readily available.

Last night's dinner:

Eaten outside in the garden on a balmy Glasgow evening.

Large prawns, carrots and rice in tomato sauce out of a jar.

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