Sunday 5 August 2012

TV Dinners

Experimented with hand painting the track sleepers using brownish emulsion paint bought in the form of little "testers".

Simply dipped a suitably sized brush in the paint and ran it between the rails and thus along the sleepers.

That was easy, quick and effective. Almost as quick as using spray paint and no need to wipe the metal rails clean afterwards; also, fewer hazardous side effects. And, cheaper.

I then sprinkled some buff coloured ballast over the tracks to see if that helped.

Although you can see from the photograph below that the painted sleepers are now a suitable degree lighter in colour than the unpainted ones beyond them, I'm not really satisfied with the result.

For comparison purposes, the treated track next to the photograph I'm using as a guide.

I think the sleepers are now a good colour and the ballast is the right colour too.

But, the actual rails in the photograph seem to have darker sides than my model rails. Not sure how I can tackle that without jeopardising the electrical contact provided by the flanges of the rails.

Obviously, I'll have to add simulated oil patches in places as well.

Woody Allen:

Thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon at the cinema watching a documentary about the film-making and general career of Woody Allen. The cinema was packed, there really wasn't an empty seat.

TV Dinners:

For the first time in many years had dinner last night watching TV - something I hate doing.

Forgot to take photograph of the spaghetti bolognaise but here is a diagram of the set up. I refuse to have a meal on a tray or on a small table in front of  an armchair so moved a proper table into position . Cricked neck - a miserable experience; but enjoyed the Olympic events that were being broadcast.

At present listening to Alex Smoke:

"Don't see the point."

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